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The load performance of the porous bearings
Release time:2014-07-21   Source of the article:双羽粉末冶金   
Continuous experiments can be found, the eccentric when oil bearing rate is high, power will increase corresponding load bearing, the rolling friction coefficient will decrease. But the eccentric bearing rate change is relatively passive, when in use are not independent of changes, so the process of using the bearing load increases, bearing eccentricity will also increase, while the bearing capacity increase.
This series of experiments, can be found in oil bearing load, eccentricity, the friction coefficient will influence each other in the process of.
In order to improve the load capacity of oil bearing, there are many kinds and reduce the friction coefficient of bearing of the way.
The most common way is through osmotic adjustment of the bearing, and ultimately to improve the load capacity of oil bearing. The main mode of operation is appropriate to reduce the permeability of bearing material, this can increase the load bearing capacity, which has smaller friction coefficient of bearing. But the permeability oil bearing degree can not be unlimited decreases, because the small penetration will make the oil inside the bearing, the bearing can't get enough lubrication.
So people found, through penetration optimization bearing and great amount of these two parameters, can effectively improve the load capacity of oil bearing and friction coefficient decreases bearing.

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