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The working principle of oil bearing
Release time:2014-07-21   Source of the article:双羽粉末冶金   
By using the properties of porous materials or compatibility with lubricating oil in the bearing installation, use, make the oil infiltration bearing materials, bearing during the work can not add or a longer period of time not to lubricate the bearing, known as the oil bearing.
Oil bearing in the non operating state, lubricating oil is filled the void, running, axis due to friction and heat, bearing thermal expansion of the pore, so, the oil spill, into the bearing gap. When the shaft stops rotating, bearing cooling, pore recovery, lubricating oil are sucked back into the void.
Oil bearing while it is possible to form a complete oil film, but the vast majority of cases, the bearing is mixed friction state is not complete oil film.
Can use the properties of porous material, make the oil oil bearing material fills the pores are: wood, cast iron, cast copper alloy and development of powder metallurgy friction materials; can use affinity properties of materials and lubricating oil, oil bearing materials make the oil evenly dispersed in materials for polymers, such as oil and phenolic resin. Oil bearing principle of work in the process of production enterprises, powder metallurgy bearing the largest is Porite group, domestic representative of Porite Yangzhou and Dongguan Polytech (will move to Hunan Chenzhou).

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