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The main characteristic of oil bearing
Release time:2014-07-21   Source of the article:双羽粉末冶金   
Has the advantages of low cost, can absorb the vibration, little noise, in the longer working hours do not add lubricating oil and other characteristics, especially suitable for difficult lubrication or not allow oil dirty work environment. Porosity is an important parameter in oil bearing. In the oil bearing high speed, light load requirements of the work content, the porosity is high; in the low speed, large load bearing working under the requirements of high strength, low porosity. The bearing was invented in the early twentieth Century, because of its low manufacturing cost, convenient use, has been widely used, and has become a kind of indispensable basic parts, household appliances, car audio equipment, office equipment, agricultural machinery, precision machinery and other industrial products. Oil bea. Oil bearing consists of copper, copper, Tie Ji, Tie Ji.
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