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Powder metallurgy is how to produce?
Release time:2014-07-21   Source of the article:双羽粉末冶金   
Powder metallurgy is a kind of technology, in the research and development of new materials, play a decisive role. You know the whole process of powder metallurgy is to be done? If you are not very understanding of the words, then Xiaobian together on belt everybody have a look.
1, we need to carry out the production of powder. The main process includes the preparation of powder, mixed operation. In order to make the powder has the formability and good plasticity, usually in the process, will join the right amount of oil, rubber or paraffin wax and other elements as plasticizer.
2, to suppress powder, making it forming. Usually powder under the pressure of 15-600MPa in the pressure, can be pressed into the required shape.
3, sintering. In the process of sintering, powder particles through physical and chemical process many, such as diffusion, recrystallization, welding, chemical, dissolution. Through this process, the powder particles have become metallurgical products with certain porosity. 4, post processing. 4, post processing.
In general, the sintering good product can be used directly. But sometimes, people in the pursuit of refine on, which requires post processing. But sometimes, people in the pursuit of refine on, which requires post processing. Hope that the product precision in size, hardness, wear resistance and other aspects can meet the higher requirements. Post processing includes a lot, such as press, quenching, infiltration and so on.
Now you know how it is made of powder metallurgy for powder metallurgy, if you still have what not understand of place, you can continue to pay attention to our website, we will provide more quality products and service for you.
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