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How much you understand new technology for powder
Release time:2014-07-21   Source of the article:双羽粉末冶金   
In the process of powder metallurgy, in order to improve the performance of the many processes, a kind of warm flow compaction technology is among them, it is mainly used to improve the liquidity of the mixed powder. The specific process is how to achieve? The characteristics of what is worthy of our attention? Small make up for everybody to explain:
Flow temperature of powder metallurgy pressing technique is easy to implement, can join the fine powder to powder, can be compared to conventional powder metallurgy process with binder and lubricant more. Fine powder we added to fill in the gap between the powder particles, so that the bulk density of the mixed powder has been greatly improved, thus changing the properties of the product.
Although binders and lubricants we can add more dose, but it also should grasp, much less than the powder injection molding. If we can be of binder content or lubricant to reach optimization, then the mixed powder in the repression will be transformed into a filling fluid is very high, more conducive to the production.
From the above we can see, the mixed powder in temperature can be transformed into viscous fluid flow is very good, the rheological behavior of mixed powder can make every corner flow in the pressing process and no crack powder, and has not had many before. For example:
Warm flow compaction technology of powder metallurgy can make any complex shape parts, such as automobile transmission torque converter turbine hub, connecting rod and gear parts etc.. Not only has a special performance, but also has been further enhanced. Because of high apparent density, the temperature and pressure of semi-finished products density can reach very high values, coupled with the mobility of the powder is very obvious, so the density of the material will be more evenly, reducing the production of substandard products.
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