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Powder metallurgy equipment in the future trend
Release time:2014-07-21   Source of the article:双羽粉末冶金   
In the process of the powder metallurgy, the device is unavoidable, but the production of numerical control is a difficulty. See below for powder metallurgy experts -- Wuxi Zhongzhicheng powder metallurgy factory is how to solve the problem.
With the development of technology, these problems through professional system will be completed, that is the press data control system. The initial screen system can provide a related parts of the processing information, and to map the surface form, are digitally crank angle. Such as the operator, it can be very fast execution, the work efficiency has been improved significantly.
At the same time, the system also provides a reasonable installation location stored information and statistical process control parameters, so that the machining process, the system can be parameters on various aspects of good set, to achieve the most ideal state.
A powder metallurgy process in such an advanced data processing and control system, the whole process more simple, the control precision is more high, this will become the future development trend of powder metallurgy equipment.
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