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How to get the perfect shape of powder metallurgy
Release time:2014-07-21   Source of the article:双羽粉末冶金   
For users, the powder metallurgy gear is the most important of the tooth and the fillet precision, most of these are obtained through calculation to the strict. Have a look the specific to how to operate?
The powder metallurgy sintering gear, profile tooth type to calculate gear die cavity, and then with the dedendum transition curve of the gear is used to correct the product, in order to get the best fillet. In this process, but also consider the powder metallurgy gear tooth bending strength of the finite element and the best tooth deformation and so on, in order to ensure perfect gear products.
Tooth profile calculating cavity sintering gear is to improve the general is got by the tooth profile normal method, so that it can directly use the basic law of tooth profile meshing, the contact point to establish a relationship at a given point in the position and the angle between the gear. So we can stick out a mile, the processing time is also more convenient.
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